Lemonade Roselle

Ingredients :

1. Roselle Syrup 30cc

2. 18CTEA Picked Roselle 80g

3. Mint Leaves 15 pieces

4. Crushed ice 220g

5. 18CTEA Lemon Kumquat 30cc

6. 18CTEA Fructose 10cc

7. Soda Water

8. Lemon Wheel

Step :

1. Put the Picked Roselle at the bottom of the cup.

2. Add in lemon wheel.

3. Crushed the mint leaves and put them into the cup.

4. Add in crushed ice.

5. All in lemon kumquat and roselle syrup.

6. Add in soda water until the cup is full and stir well.

7. Put mint leaves on top as garnish.

8. Lemonade Roselle is ready to be served.