About Us

Founded in 2010, 18CTEA had supplied high-quality raw materials and equipment to bubble tea shops in Malaysia for more than 10 years. Throughout the decade, 18CTEA had become the leading bubble tea wholesale supplier in Malaysia due to the promising quality of products and services provided.

Our dream is to promote the bubble tea culture and make it accessible in every corner of the world. 18CTEA is halfway to achieving our dream. We succeeded in expanding our business to Asia countries, including Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei, at the same time bringing bubble tea culture to the Europe region, including Ireland, England, Sweden, Italy, Hungary, and Denmark.

18CTEA will continue to strive and make sure that we will stay at the forefront of the industry.

Our Vision

Become a world-class Bubble Tea brand and raw material supplier. Meanwhile, promoting bubble tea culture and making it accessible in every corner of the world.

Our Mission

Provide a One-stop Bubble Tea solution to our clients and be the greatest support for them in achieving their bubble tea dream.

Our Speciality

Cold Brewing Technique

Advanced cooling technology from Taiwan to rapidly lower the temperature of freshly brewed tea to 18 °C - the best temperature to preserve the fragrance of the tea.

Vast Experience in Exporting

Our business covers various regions including Europe, Asia, ASEAN, and Australia. 18CTEA had been exporting raw materials, accessories, and machines to over 10 countries globally.

Bubble Tea Brand  Licensing

We provide  licensing opportunity to those who wanted to step into the bubble tea market at ease.

Raw Material Manufacturer

18CTEA has our very own manufacturing line to produce all sort of bubble tea raw material. Thus, there is no worries about the shortage of supply and the low quality of  products.