About Us

About Us:

18 was established in March 2010, as founder of the tea lovers itself is found in Malaysia known as pearl milk tea in Taiwan, but most do use pink pickled flavor, its texture, taste authentic tea and Taiwan very different not health; while young people in many states, in order to earn higher salaries to work in Singapore must leave their homes and morning to evening, the most obvious in Johor, it is the introduction of the founder of Taiwan drinks equipment and related technology, counseling serious efforts young business.

To stabilize the tea quality, 18 using a high-tech equipment in Taiwan ── TIME cooling machine, as an indispensable step in the production of tea. After years of research in Taiwan, through the rapid cooling to 18 for tea, not only taste great flavor, the number of bacteria found in Taiwan national health standards, even if frozen to the next day for drinking tea are not bad, is preservative-free health drinks, but also the origin of the brand.

In addition, 18 is more Convenient ,Shining , Healthy,Environmental protection , the four major concepts , as the operating principle is as follows.